Killer Bee

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    ”EYE IN THE SKY” ..what a great response!


    When the new album was about to be released, we were curious if our sound finally would start to get recognised.. and it didn’t take long!!

    The Hammond and the melodies shines.. classic 70’s Rock!!”
    Legacy magazine 14/15, D
    ”They have a unique way of delivering the goods that melts your face with blues-flavored hard rock guitar and soaring vocals, mixed with Hammond organ”
    KNAC 4/5, US
    ”It is a wonderfully old-school dynamic swing, a sound with a nice live feeling and a Kick-Ass attitude. I love it!”
    ”This is honest, this is pure, and this can be considered as a peak in traditional Heavy Rock” 
    Metal To Infinity 86/100, Belgium
    ”Eye In the Sky is a tremendous album..This is rock music straight from the heart, a great rock and roll record”
    MyGlobalMind Magazine 8/10, US
    ”Traditional hardrock atmosphere from the seventies, sounds powerful, with melodic guitar solos and a nicely placed hammond organ”
    MUSIKA 82/100, NL
    ”I was thrilled to hear that this band wasn’t just some old throwback band- whose glory truly lived up to what I had read about them.”
    Screaming Guitars 8/10, UK
    ”10 excellent songs with strong vocals and great guitar riffs, with the touch of a Hammond organ.”
    Calles Rock corner 4/6, DK
    ”It is an excellent representation of European-style hard rock!” 
    Sleeze Roxx, Canada
    ”A melodic album, Hard & heavy guitar riffs with heartfelt solos, 70’s touch – It’s a Great find!” 
    Metal Integral 17/20, France
    ”Sounds good? Of course It does.. wailing organs and Blackmoe-alike solos”
    Fireworks Magazine, UK
    ”They deliver their 70’s style of Hard Rock with the precious and dynamics you expect from them.” 
    Breath Fresher, Japan

    **New Single And New Album**

    Cover - Eye in the Sky 1400x1400

    A lot of up and downs in the Killer Bee hive this year with cancelled tours due to medical reasons, we still have seen singles hitting  the radios round the world, old as new, Two singles, ”Joystick Warrior” and ”Higher And Higher” from the upcoming album ”EYE IN THE SKY” and the classic song ”I’d Love To Change The World” (produced by Kee Marcello ex.Europe) which also included a new video. The epic piano ballad ”I Believe” was also among the songs that’s been given great response on the air.

    Get On Board

    On September 16th we’re releasing the Single and Video ”Get On Board” that will lead us up to the Album release on October 14th – ”EYE IN THE SKY”. We’re excited to finally get this album out, that we actually started to record in May 2014 in Sweden and PEI. So we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do..

    More news to come – so stay tuned, hope to se you all soon.


    Us Against The Machine

    Growing up in the 70s as a teenager I got my information about the cool bands like Queen, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple by reading the popular rock mags at the time. My go to mag was Circus, we read about a new band and went out and bought the record. We would listen to the whole album top to bottom over and over. WE would request it on ur favorite radio station (a time when DJs made the choices) and slowly but surely the bands would grow in polarity and tour and I w could buy the concert tickets and Rock on.


    Today there is more news about your favorite cafe and what you had for lunch than what makes you rock!WE live in a world where everything moves so fast we don’t even have time to stop and smell the teen spirit. Go into Itunes, Spotify download a song listen for two hours and download a new one.

    Where are the new Rock Icons? Where are the arena rockers? Where are YOU?


    It´s time for us to take a serious hard look at whats going on. WE all have our new favorite artists.. Why not call the local station and request them instead of listening on your spotify playlist AFTER ALL most of us listen daily to radio in our cars as we travel here and there. Do you only want to hear what big business says is in today – or to you want to affect change..? YOU CAN AFFECT CHANGE..!!

    Right now our new KILLER BEE single ”Joystick Warrior” has been released internationally to radio as a lead up to our new Album ”Eye in the Sky”, Since it’s release three weeks ago it has been picked up in 10 countries, played on  numerous stations across America and is building momentum… Guess its news to you..!?

    Turn of your iPads and playlists and call the radios, let them know what you want to hear.. after all thats what they are there for. I am quite sure your traveling radio companions will make you smile more and more.

    But they will never know … IF YOU DO NOT SPEAK UP

    WE ARE ROCKERS OF THE WORLD … it is time to take back the airwaves… ROCK ON


    Brighton Bar NJ-05-08-2015_335_DSC_0338


    Finally it’s here, we’re proud to present the new single & Video – JOYSTICK WARRIOR

    We recorded this Video in Portland at Silver Point Studios during a break on the first leg on the US Tour 2015, it’s recorded and edited by Steve Voss – horns up!!

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