**New Single And New Album**

    Cover - Eye in the Sky 1400x1400

    A lot of up and downs in the Killer Bee hive this year with cancelled tours due to medical reasons, we still have seen singles hitting  the radios round the world, old as new, Two singles, ”Joystick Warrior” and ”Higher And Higher” from the upcoming album ”EYE IN THE SKY” and the classic song ”I’d Love To Change The World” (produced by Kee Marcello ex.Europe) which also included a new video. The epic piano ballad ”I Believe” was also among the songs that’s been given great response on the air.

    Get On Board

    On September 16th we’re releasing the Single and Video ”Get On Board” that will lead us up to the Album release on October 14th – ”EYE IN THE SKY”. We’re excited to finally get this album out, that we actually started to record in May 2014 in Sweden and PEI. So we hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do..

    More news to come – so stay tuned, hope to se you all soon.


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