First Tour In 17 Years…

    The first tour in 17 years was a great challenge.. We survived 14 states, 7800 miles during a 4,5 week tour across the USA – this was what I would like to call a ”Boot Camp Tour”.. and it did really put the bands patience through a lot of new experiences  – it made us all more united and stronger. We have had a great time meeting new friends and fans, and have been able to perform infront of a new crowd.. To live in a bus with strangers so close 24/7 is not that easy – but it’s great fun after all.. Wallmart parkings rules..
    The new guitar duo.. Paul Chapman and André Hägglund a.k.a ”Batman and Robin” found each other as well on and off stage – this gonna be a deadly duo to look up for, and Morgan spanked and lit up his drums better and heavier than ever.. Brian had the crowds in his pocket as always ”All Night Long”.. nothing had changed over the 17 years abscence from the international rock scene.
    We also had some time off stage.. we explored Nashville´s awesome music scene.. wow, so many great bands along that strip.. The Space Needle and Seattle´s  fantastic sea food restaurants.. we recorded a new Video for the next album. There are much more moments to share, but I’ll leave those ones to another time.
    We had a blast all nights, but the one I remember best was the night we opened for DOKKEN in Portland.
    Now we’re back home to re-group for the next adventure this summer.. so stay tuned.
    See Ya’ All Soon On The Roads


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