From The Sound Of Wailing Guitars To Air Raid Sirens

    To sum up the last month wont be easy.. from being in beautiful and silent PEI and recording the up-coming album, to get in the middle of the Gaza war in Israel, is a rather new experience to me.

    Anyway the time in PEI was great.. it was a privilege to be in the studio with Paul Milner and enjoying a fun time with the whole band together – it was 2 years since we met all of us at the same time, that was during the recordings of the Videos ”Step Into My World & All Night Long”.. well everybody smelled the same. This Album will be rougher than the ones before, more attitude and it sounds much angrier and aggressive – no ballads this time. Brian has been very determend that the lyrics throghout the album will have a ”red line” through them.. this will be very interesting to see what kind of reaction it will hold.

    After I left PEI I went back to Sweden and re-packed my suitcase to fly down to Israel on holiday – I just love the history and all historical places and monuments that you can find there. After I’ve been enjoying a few days there with my loved ones all hell broke loose.. so from a wailing guitar to a air raid siren in just a few days was crazy. The trip continued as good as it could, we visted a lot of places, one of them were Dead Sea.. ”WOW!!”- highly recommended, what a cool place, and we arrived safe back home in Sweden after 2 weeks.. but I can assure everyone that I feel very privileged to live in Sweden.

    ”Life Is About To Live And To Love”


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