”No more sellouts..Melody Grand Prix – WTF!”

    I can’t keep my mouth shut anymore…why,why,why do Swedish Hardrock bands persist to participate in the ”Melody Grand Prix”, especielly when they have a song written by Thomas G:son…a guy that is synonymous with this contest and Christer Björkman.
    The arrangement and melody can be sung and performed by anyone of the Melody Grand Prix Dinosaurs that competes year after year…that’s the fact.

    DYNAZTY is a great melodic band with original material that proves them justice…why couldn’t they perform with one of their own songs?..well it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

    Remember – Björn Ranelid was also Christer Björkmans idea’…DYNAZTY deserves better.

    LORDI did their thing, and they won…my respect!



    Today we have Feb 11th 2012 and I’m looking back at the first gig with Killer Bee in 14 years, in September 2011 ….
    What’s been happening since that friday feels unreal… from a ”Best Of Album – Almost There” with no intentions other than having a closure – to a deal that includes 234 countries incl. China, a new studio album due to release in March/April – and a killer ”line-up” with Jimmy DeLisi (lead guitar) and Denny DeMarchi (keyboard/rhythm guitar) on the same stage as Brian, Morgan and myself.
    It’s the first time in the KILLER BEE history I feel that we hit home!! They both play on the upcoming album ”Hell And Back Again” and they both have shown right away that they are Killer Bee’s! I’m proud to be a part of this band – and we will ROCK ANOTHER DAY!

    Cheers / Anders

    Buckle Up!

    After many double double coffee’s and a few dozen Canadian Maple donuts from Tim Horton’s…we are finally settled back into the studio in Toronto Canada.

    We are one week into the 2 weeks booked for vocals. Recording guitars leads will follow…

    After our meeting today with mix master Jim Zolis of Zolis Audio, we are certain this album will take your pants off and make you want to play with yourself…
    Just seeing if you are paying attention….

    Please fasten your seatbelts!
    Killer Bee

    Please checkout the new video release ”Sacrifice” from the ”Almost There” Album.

    Once a Singer, Always an Entertainer!

    I recall back in the 90’s touring days, we had a night off in Germany. Brian, Eric and I decided to go to a casino. Brian and I aren’t much into gambling, so Eric lost his ass for all of us. Brian and I were more there for the booze and the night out…

    When leaving, and walking back to the hotel pretty much shit faced, Brian says to me, Hey Morgan, do you think I can piss on that stop sign? Ya right Brian, its like 10 feet up…so Brian proceeds to piss… OVER the stop sign…laughing as he does this.

    I said how can you do that? He says I’ve always been able to do that, lol

    Well…the very next time Brian and I are out partying and he says I gotta take a piss..
    I said hold on…
    Walked up to these German dudes and said I’ll bet you $50 that my friend can piss over that street sign…

    They didn’t believe me until I had my money out and so did they…easy money!!!! Brian had no problem!

    Ok…backstage…Brian says Morgan…go find some people who wanna bet that I can’t piss over this Provost tour bus without touching the bus. I said no way Brian..you can’t do it…oh yes I can Brian said.

    Ok…I go and get these road crew guys and people that were just hanging around backstage…pull out my money and explain the bet. Everyone says they are in…as its impossible to piss over a tour bus.

    I’m holding the money…Brian unzips…and pisses completely over the tour bus…


    Touring with Brian is a spontaneous experience!!!!!! laugh…