I’m back at the crime scene..

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    1.5 year after I hit the first chord on the recording on ”From Hell And Back” the progress with KILLER BEE has been amazing.. but I knew from that moment – this was it!!

    The bedtracks that was recorded in July 2012, at the same time as we shoot the Videos ”Step Into My World” & ”All Night Long” from the Album ”From Hell And Back” are the ones we’re now finishing to get ready to be released in 2013.

    Brian’s been working in Tampa with Jimmy & Morgan for the last week to do the final guitar parts/-leads & percussion.. and they’ve also shoot material for the next 2 KILLER BEE Videos that’s planned to be released durin’ the spring.

    So now we’re in Toronto to finish the keyboard parts with Denny, do background vocals, mixing and shoot the Videos.

    It’s a lot of work, but it’s sure as hell worth it!!

    All the best

    ”Go to sleep Edith, must be those damn pills”

    Yeah!! – been sayin that a few times but ”Our time is gonna come” – then ”We Rock”.

    I guess, we as veterans and so well connected are too old and should be retired, or we are a little more tired than our 20 year old associates..
    But Who the f**k cares when it happens – we will swarm the hills with the sting and fury of ….. (fill in your description here)

    Dear contestant – for your prize please fill in your description as to…. swarm the hills with the sting and fury of ……

    Winner will be announced … Later…
    Send your submission to … Us.. Me… You… someone and the winner will announced… later!

    ”You already said that”
    ”Did I?… Oh..? must be those damn pills”
    ”Go to sleep Edith”
    ”Edith… who the f**k you callin’ Edith… ZZZZZZ”

    YourZ Zincerely BEEdith

    2013 – Get your motor runnin’

    2012 was an interesting and turbulent year with lots of twists and turns – The album was released, 3 videos were shot and the reviews were positive from all over.
    3 month after the release we’re on schedule – we’re up on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify
    etc. and we just keep movin’ ahead likes there’s no tomorrow.
    I’m lookin’ forward to share with you what’s on the KILLER BEE agenda.. but I’ll keep you hanging for a while.. so stay tuned.


    It’s all good!!!

    Well we are now approaching the hightimes of christmas and the new year and new adventures will be upon us soon.
    It has been a good year though it has been filled with its share of turmoil and confusion it looks as though we will come out of this year with a top voted CD and three, count em three videos. Not bad for abunch of old timers.”2013″ feels to me like a year that will put everything in its place. A new record perhaps we even get to make 4 videos this time and of course the potential that a tour perhaps falls in our laps.

    We are not out of the woods but I see the trees begin to thin and perhaps thats a highway over yonder.If we are lucky its the autobahn with no speed limit and no off ramps. So rev those egines and get ready for the ride of our old battered lives. No looking back dudes just the future ahead.

    Rock on!
    Brian ”BEE” Frank