Imagine, Believe, Achieve.. and rock it to the ground!!

    Hi Rockers!!

    We’re starting of March with the re-release of FROM HELL AND BACK on TARGET, and also with a brand new Video from the album, the title track From Hell And Back. All the other videos from the album are back up again, now with the right banners on them. The Tour plans we had in the spring has been postpone for an indefinite period, we’re hoping to come back with more details in the near future. So.. We’re right now in the middle of writing new material and doing pre-production for the next Album, the plans are for us to go in the studio in May and be ready for a new release in October. I can’t wait to squeeze my VINTAGE ICON V4 to the limit.. it’s gonna be a blast.

    AK0V7491 (2)

    Stay tuned – Hope to see you guys out there soon

    PRESS RELEASE: http://targetgroup.dk/killer-bee-re-releases-hell-back-premieres-new-video/

    It Takes Everything To Stand Alone

    RonDeJeremy B

    2 weeks after the release and we’re now in the middle of planning our next moves for 2014 – some say we’re crazy, some say ”fuckin’ right on..!!” I just love the insanity in this buisness.. You can’t count on anything or anyone – it’s all Ying & Yang – either you love it, or just hate it – and that pretty much summarizes the reviews that the new Album been given. We will never try to follow any trends – we’re KILLER BEE!

    Moving on like we’ve been doing and really try to solidify KILLER BEE’s return has really been a challange. You can’t just get an add or an review in a Magazine and then think everything works out for you, If this was back in the ”Paper Magazine and Record Label” controlled era – this would settle you for 3 month, now you have to think outside the box – so Ron De Jeremy was a great call – ”Sex Drugs & Rock’n Roll” so on this theme there is much more to expect from this camp.. much more!!
    See Ya’ Soon


    Nothing Can Stop Us – Be Ready October 14th!

    Killer Bee

    After the break-up from Z-Records people asked us.. -What now..?! -Will it take another 14 years to the next Album..?! Well.. nothing has ever stopped us before, so why would it now!!

    We’re all really excited for the up-coming release – October 14th through TARGET DISTRIBUTION!

    The Album includes 13 tracks in the same KILLER BEE spirit as before. I’m really pleased with the songs that has more melodies & variations than the last one.. You could say that we’re back to our Melodic roots. Once again JIM ZOLIS have been involved in the mixing process, and this time PAUL MILNER  is behind the mastering.

    Love Bone Apparel has once again shown the world what they’re made of. The Artwork on the New Album is their last master piece, and together with the 4 layouts on KILLER BEE T-Shirts, they have really laid the ground for KB’s signum.. We’re really happy to have them on board in the KB-family.

    Check Out the KILLER BEE MERCH: http://www.loveboneapparel.com/killerbee.htm


    All The Best


    Time flies..

    UME 44
    It’s been 2 month since my last post.. We’re now back in Sweden and we’ve just released the Video ”Footprints In The Sand” – this will make it the 4th Video from the Album, ”From Hell And Back”.
    There are lot of things in progress, we just scored a co-operation deal with ”Ron De Jeremy” wich is awesome, and we’re also in the middle of negotiating ‘bout the bands future & up-coming release, soon to be revealed.

    Me and Brian was offered the opportunity to play with the great guitar player Andy Barnett (ex. FM) and Jason Smith on drums in Umeå last weekend – wich was a blast.
    It feels really good to blow off some steam once in a while.. So stay tuned I’ll be back soon.

    All The Best