Wedding Crashers

    I promised you guys that I would take you for a walk down memory lane, and this episode took place in Switzerland during the ”Cracked Up Tour” in 1995.
    I believe everyone is familiar with the movie Wedding Crashers, starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, but this is how Morgan and I interpreted that title….
    When we got back to the hotel after our show that night we found out that there was a wedding in the Banquet hall of the hotel, and one of the bridesmaids knew about the band so she thought it would be cool to have us there…she should have known better!!!
    As soon as we entered we saw the bar and this was of course where we were heading right away, I would lie if I said that we felt welcome. After a couple of shots it didn´t take long until Morgan was gone. I was just too busy to finish a bottle of Vodka and trying to convince one of the bridesmaids to leave the party and come with me instead, to see what was going on in the other side of the room. But all the screaming and yelling finally caught my attention…Morgan had the same intention as I, but he thought the bride should leave her husband and come with him up to his room….
    Right then I felt someone grabbing my arm from behind and start pushing me towards the front door – I believe it was the boyfriend! I could see that they were trying to do the same to Morgan…but we didn´t plan to give up without a fight… so when we got close to the door we tore loose and grabbed loafs of pain riche bread and started to chase the groom, the bride and the boyfriend in the Banquet hall and hit them in the head with the bread. On our way out we grabbed a bottle of vodka so we were set for the rest of the night….
    Well, it all resulted in us being kicked out of the hotel the next morning and we are forever banned from that hotel!!! And I´m sure that the bride never forgets Killer Bee!
    ….I´m convinced that I heard a familiar voice outside Morgan’s door a couple of hours later, but we leave that alone.
    But hey….it´s all rock´n roll!!


    Ya ok Anders….I remember the bread…but not the bride! lol




    Debauchery Ran Rampant!!!

    Debotury – adj. (de-BOT-ur-ee). Wild and crazy hooligan-ish behavior; Chaotic; Outside the acceptable social limits of behavior; Shennanigans.

    debauchery (plural debaucheries)

    1. Indulgence in sensual pleasures; scandalous activities involving sex, alcohol, or drugs without inhibition.

    Aw yes…the 90’s, drumming for Killer Bee. I joined the band in 94′, fresh off their Russia tour. Killer Bee had already had a #1 Hit, ”Take Me Home”, and I was meeting the band in Germany. When I landed at 7am in Frankfurt, I thought I was a star, everyone knew my name. I found out later Morgan means ”Morning” in German…
    That first tour was 23 flights, 5 star hotels, and a $1000 a day Provost tour bus that had been used by the Stones…1st Germany, then Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway.
    The band had a rider…booze…cases and cases of EVERYTHING! Show after show the crew would empty the dressing room of all booze into the belly of the bus, it got to the point that there was no space left for band merchandise, or our luggage!! We couldn’t possibly drink all this…or could we? There were many times we would have a 4 or 6 hour drive to the next show, and have 4 days to do it. All that booze + Killer Bee = TOTAL DEBAUCHERY!!!!
    Thankfully we were almost sober an hour and 10 minutes a day, as that was the length of our show.
    1994-96, We managed to share the stage with the biggest names in the biz. Plant/Page, Rod Stewart, Elton John, Oasis were all performing when we played at Frauenfeld ”Out In The Green” Switzerland. We also managed to have food fights in 5 star restaurants and get kicked out of many hotels…Go Figure!

    Yes Killer Bee is back…and sounding better than it ever has…BUT the music and business is first this time around.
    We can always get kicked out of another hotel, or throw bananas at Bif Naked if we tour with her again…Any band members care to expand on this? I dare ya… LOL

    A 4 month rollercoaster ride!

    If someone had told me 6 months ago that the band would be back together, I probably would have said ”In your dreams… ” The initial plan was to release a Greatest Hits album ”Almost There” and then make sure that the old albums were available for download. I wanted to have a closure on the Killer Bee era that ended in the late 90’s due to management problems that caused a lot of tension in the band, and the situation were unsustainable.
    … but here I am, 4 months after Morgan arrived in Sweden and we decided to give it a shot, the rollercoaster ride began.Throughout all my years in the music buisness, these 4 months have been beyond all expectations. The response and the feedback we have recieved is overwhelming and that our music is timeless – there´s no doubt about that… During these 4 months we have signed up for 234 countries incl. China, we´re gonna be on more than 300 download sites, that also includes ringtones. We have shot a video for ”Sacrifice”(on the clipboard at the moment), radio stations, newspapers, webmagazines have shown great interest in the band and we are now in the progress of recording the next album – due to be released in the spring 2012.
    I went over to Toronto November 3rd to team up with Morgan and Denny DeMarchi (Cranberries, Alias, Sheriff) to start pre-production in his studio. We laid down 11 tracks during the 2 weeks I was there, and it was magic! To work with such a professional as Denny is a rare luxury – Morgan and I had a blast. The plan now is to go back to Toronto and finish the album with Denny.
    There are more things I would love to share with you guys, but I´ll keep them to myself at the moment but promise that you soon will hear about them… The ride continues!!
    ”We like what we do, and we do it because we can”

    Hi all you rockers!

    Welcome to the Killer Bee blog. We gonna bring you the latest news from the Killer Bee camp and also take you guys for a walk down the memory lane, which includes stories behind the scenes… so stay tuned!