Another funny story I think should be shared…

    Anders told me he was in a really big hurry, but had to quickly make a stop and run into a store. There were no parking spaces available except the handicap spot right at the front door. ”to heck with it, I’ll only be a couple of minutes” he thought, and parked in the handicap space. After pulling in, as he got out of his car, an old man started yelling at him, yelling very angrily ”Hey you can’t park there, that’s for handicap only!”….Anders quickly yelled back…”I have long hair, tattoo’s, and play in a HARD ROCK band, NOW THAT’S A HANDICAP!!!! Slammed his car door and went into the store…

    Your a funny guy Anders…

    Breakfast for Champions!

    I have, so many times woke up and felt as if I had a dead rat in my mouth, imagine the fragrance which would easily have ended any war. After months on the road I had learned that it was very important to save some beers for the next day, cos you never knew the opening hours for the pubs when you came to a new place. Morgan and I kept the beer reserve under our pillows on the tour bus, the thing was that the first one to fall asleep always got robbed…so none of us wanted to go to bed before the other.

    In Berlin though we stayed at the Grand Hotel, and as always the minibars were emptied in the morning, but this morning Eric and I decided to go find some more to drink.
    When we past the Hotel restaurant, they served something we’d never heard about before…”breakfast!” This was top of the line…people had their dresses and jackets on at 8am for having breakfast!?!?..I had my boots and ripped jeans shorts with my leatherjacket, and Eric was wearing his leathercoat, boots and ugly sweat pants with the Batman logo all over!

    Right away we discovered two big silver plates filled with champagne glasses, so we figured let’s have breakfast!!! We just walked in, grabbed 2 eggs and one silverplate each and sat down…that´s what I call Breakfast for Champions!… We were not exactly the most popular guys in the restaurant that morning, but, Hey – they said breakfast was included…and we just wanted to save the others a hang over!

    This morning there were no fights over the beers on the tour bus.


    Don’t Drink & Fly!

    Hi rockers!

    I think it would be a good idea to share a Christmas story. This one took place on a flight between New York and Stockholm in mid December 1985 – after my first meeting with Brian.

    After we’d been airborne for a while it was the same old story:

    – ”No more for you, Sir – you´ve had enough!”…But this time I was prepared! I just asked for some orange juice…what the stewardess didnt know was that I had one litre of Smirnoff Blue 50% in my hand luggage. So I just kept ordering orange juice and enjoyed my flight. After sitting still for 2 hours and drinking ”juice” (bottle vodka) it was time to relieve some pressure…Next thing I remember – the sound of something similar to a giant vacuum cleaner brought me back and it´s pitch black.

    – “Am I locked up in a closet?” I tried to find my way out. Finally I found a light switch….I´d passed out in the f****n’ toilet!!…This wasn’t good! Can you imagine the line-up in front of my toilet door? All the lights in the cabin were turned off and all the people were asleep – which actually was good! Now I had to sneak back to my seat without getting noticed, but before I knew it, halfway there the lights came on and a ”Pling” –Good Morning, this is your captain speaking – we are now approaching Oslo!….
    After occupying the toilet for five hours, I can assure you this wasn´t a good time to say Good Morning and Merry Christmas, but Hey it´s only Rock´n roll!


    Last piece of the puzzle

    Finally, the last piece of the puzzle will be added… we´re looking at going back to Toronto to finish the recordings in the beginning of January, and mixing and mastering is set for February/March if things go as planned. I really hope we can stick to the schedule for a release in the early spring.
    But first we’ve got Christmas and New Year’s coming up, so things will be very busy in the Killer Bee camp… but we will be ready to rock 2012!!!