Killer Bee

    Changes, changes & more changes..


    It’s been a long time now since the last update.. sorry for that. There’s been a lot of activity and changes in the KILLER BEE camp with management, release plans, tour plans, promoters.. you name it. We’re about to release a new album in the US which includes 14 tracks from the two previous albums, chosen by music journalists, musicians, people in the buisness and friends around the world – so we hope this album will be the icing on the cake. So we have signed up with GALACTIC TOURING in the US – and we’re now looking at a 5 week Tour cross the US starting in may 2015 to follow up the album (more detalis to come) Due to the change of plans the recordings that were made this spring in may in PEI, is on hold and planned to be mixed by the summer of 2015.

    This is what I love about the music buisness.. you never know what’s around the corner.. you never know what to excpect.. Just sit back and enjoy the ride.

    So stay tuned.. more to come.. much more!!

    Cheers // Anders


    From The Sound Of Wailing Guitars To Air Raid Sirens

    To sum up the last month wont be easy.. from being in beautiful and silent PEI and recording the up-coming album, to get in the middle of the Gaza war in Israel, is a rather new experience to me.

    Anyway the time in PEI was great.. it was a privilege to be in the studio with Paul Milner and enjoying a fun time with the whole band together – it was 2 years since we met all of us at the same time, that was during the recordings of the Videos ”Step Into My World & All Night Long”.. well everybody smelled the same. This Album will be rougher than the ones before, more attitude and it sounds much angrier and aggressive – no ballads this time. Brian has been very determend that the lyrics throghout the album will have a ”red line” through them.. this will be very interesting to see what kind of reaction it will hold.

    After I left PEI I went back to Sweden and re-packed my suitcase to fly down to Israel on holiday – I just love the history and all historical places and monuments that you can find there. After I’ve been enjoying a few days there with my loved ones all hell broke loose.. so from a wailing guitar to a air raid siren in just a few days was crazy. The trip continued as good as it could, we visted a lot of places, one of them were Dead Sea.. ”WOW!!”- highly recommended, what a cool place, and we arrived safe back home in Sweden after 2 weeks.. but I can assure everyone that I feel very privileged to live in Sweden.

    ”Life Is About To Live And To Love”


    On This Day 20 Years Ago

    On this day 20-years ago I was sitting in a hotel room in Vienna, watching Sweden playing Russia in the World Cup fotball wich they won with 3-1.

    It was that weekend in 1994 we played the Donaub Festival, I remember I saw KINGDOM COME – I was a huge fan of them, but unfortunately I had the ”Carlsberg flue” so I don’t remember so much of it. Today I’m about to go to Canada to record KILLER BEE’s 6th Studio Album – what a thrill.

    So this Midsummer I wont forget either, co’s I got a 19 1/2 hour travelling awaiting me with two stops, in Newark and Montreal before I reach PEI, Charlottetown. So I hope I will be able to look back in another 20 years and have another exciting journey in front of me.
    Have a Great Midsummer

    Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick.. Hit Me!!

    I just got back from Jerusalem, an amazing historical journey for me, I really needed it so I can be Psyched for what’s to come..



    Now the dates are set for the last recordings, between the 20th of June to the 7th of July at SHELL LANE STUDIOS, PEI – CHARLOTTETOWN, CANADA, and this time with Paul Milner. We’ve already done the drum/-bass tracks in SWEDEN at CHURCH GARDEN STUDIOS, ÖRNSKÖLDSVIK so now it’s time for Jimmy and Denny to lay down what it takes to create the magic, so Paul and Brian can get this piece of kick-ass Michelangelo ready for you rockers.

    I’m NOT looking forward to my 19 1/2 hour travel, with a 4 1/2 hour stop at Newark and another stop in Montreal for 3 hours before I reach PEI, midnight on Midsummer day.. No rest for the wicked!!

    For the first time we’re gonna do a video documentary of the whole session, and also shoot material for upcoming Videos.
    Let The Magic Begin!

    To be continued..