On This Day 20 Years Ago

    On this day 20-years ago I was sitting in a hotel room in Vienna, watching Sweden playing Russia in the World Cup fotball wich they won with 3-1.

    It was that weekend in 1994 we played the Donaub Festival, I remember I saw KINGDOM COME – I was a huge fan of them, but unfortunately I had the ”Carlsberg flue” so I don’t remember so much of it. Today I’m about to go to Canada to record KILLER BEE’s 6th Studio Album – what a thrill.

    So this Midsummer I wont forget either, co’s I got a 19 1/2 hour travelling awaiting me with two stops, in Newark and Montreal before I reach PEI, Charlottetown. So I hope I will be able to look back in another 20 years and have another exciting journey in front of me.
    Have a Great Midsummer


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