Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick.. Hit Me!!

    I just got back from Jerusalem, an amazing historical journey for me, I really needed it so I can be Psyched for what’s to come..



    Now the dates are set for the last recordings, between the 20th of June to the 7th of July at SHELL LANE STUDIOS, PEI – CHARLOTTETOWN, CANADA, and this time with Paul Milner. We’ve already done the drum/-bass tracks in SWEDEN at CHURCH GARDEN STUDIOS, ÖRNSKÖLDSVIK so now it’s time for Jimmy and Denny to lay down what it takes to create the magic, so Paul and Brian can get this piece of kick-ass Michelangelo ready for you rockers.

    I’m NOT looking forward to my 19 1/2 hour travel, with a 4 1/2 hour stop at Newark and another stop in Montreal for 3 hours before I reach PEI, midnight on Midsummer day.. No rest for the wicked!!

    For the first time we’re gonna do a video documentary of the whole session, and also shoot material for upcoming Videos.
    Let The Magic Begin!

    To be continued..





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