Debauchery Ran Rampant!!!

    Debotury – adj. (de-BOT-ur-ee). Wild and crazy hooligan-ish behavior; Chaotic; Outside the acceptable social limits of behavior; Shennanigans.

    debauchery (plural debaucheries)

    1. Indulgence in sensual pleasures; scandalous activities involving sex, alcohol, or drugs without inhibition.

    Aw yes…the 90’s, drumming for Killer Bee. I joined the band in 94′, fresh off their Russia tour. Killer Bee had already had a #1 Hit, ”Take Me Home”, and I was meeting the band in Germany. When I landed at 7am in Frankfurt, I thought I was a star, everyone knew my name. I found out later Morgan means ”Morning” in German…
    That first tour was 23 flights, 5 star hotels, and a $1000 a day Provost tour bus that had been used by the Stones…1st Germany, then Austria, Switzerland, Sweden and Norway.
    The band had a rider…booze…cases and cases of EVERYTHING! Show after show the crew would empty the dressing room of all booze into the belly of the bus, it got to the point that there was no space left for band merchandise, or our luggage!! We couldn’t possibly drink all this…or could we? There were many times we would have a 4 or 6 hour drive to the next show, and have 4 days to do it. All that booze + Killer Bee = TOTAL DEBAUCHERY!!!!
    Thankfully we were almost sober an hour and 10 minutes a day, as that was the length of our show.
    1994-96, We managed to share the stage with the biggest names in the biz. Plant/Page, Rod Stewart, Elton John, Oasis were all performing when we played at Frauenfeld ”Out In The Green” Switzerland. We also managed to have food fights in 5 star restaurants and get kicked out of many hotels…Go Figure!

    Yes Killer Bee is back…and sounding better than it ever has…BUT the music and business is first this time around.
    We can always get kicked out of another hotel, or throw bananas at Bif Naked if we tour with her again…Any band members care to expand on this? I dare ya… LOL


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